The Path to Healthcare Excellence

A higher quality of life!

The Practice

How We Envision

Our vision is to pursue innovation in health care and be a leading facilitator of quality healthcare in the region. We believe in perfecting the healthcare experience through the latest trends and the highest standards of medical services and hospitality.

How We Feel

 We are devoted to transferring the knowledge and expertise of the best in the World to the Middle East. Clemenceau Medicine International (CMI) will continue to lead the healthcare industry with innovative enhancements, and continually upgrade the standards in medical services, making the hospitalization process easier and more rewarding.

How We Think

We venture in creating centers of enduring value using the latest technology and superior design, and support them with a deeply instilled ethic of excellent patient care and service. Doing so allows CMI to satisfy the needs and tastes of its partners , and to maintain the position of the Clemenceau Medicine network as one of the region’s leading healthcare networks.


Our Services

Our services stem from one principle: “Supplying partners with the cutting edge of Self Sustainability and Competitiveness over their competitors ensuring unsurpassed healthcare planning, designing, building, equipping, operating and managing through extensive know how and expertise…”