Cloud-based ERP and HCM Solutions Tailored to CMC DHCC

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Clemenceau Medical Center in Dubai Healthcare City (CMC-DHCC) has selected Infor CloudSuite Healthcare and Infor Cloud Suite Human Capital Management solutions as part of the firm's digital transformation journey.  When completed, this new cloud-based platform will help CMC-DHCC scale its operations for future growth. CMC-DHCC selected Infor over competition due to Healthcare Industry specific functionalities and the proven track record of E3 in healthcare and in regional specific requirements in supply chain, human capital management.

 E3 team has International, regional and local Healthcare industry-focused experience that enables them to successfully deploy the systems with accuracy and speed without compromising on the quality of the implementation process.  

 Infor's industry-specific cloud-based solutions are based on applications that have helped hundreds of healthcare customers globally to gain and maintain industry leadership.

CMC-DHCC, 100-bed state-of-the-art medical center, will constitute one Clemenceau Medicine Network's main hubs, with the objective of implementing the Clemenceau Medicine's healthcare delivery system to patients in Dubai. Clemenceau Medicine Network is an assimilated network of centers of excellence composed of the core hub CMC Beirut, as well as CMC-DHCC and CMC Riyadh.

 The green field hospital CMC-DHCC intends to operate on optimized efficiency basis and most importantly full utilization of Intellectual capacity, while ensuring local compliance in their operations globally; hence CMC-DHCC has chosen Infor CloudSuite Healthcare and Cloud Suite HCM Solutions; which is tailor designed for the healthcare industry and provides advanced business functionalities that align with the hospital’s vision.

 Infor CloudSuite Healthcare Solution Improves transparency, strengthens financial discipline, streamlines close and cash management processes, reduces transaction costs and processing time through AP automation.

 As for Infor CloudSuite Healthcare Solution; it manages sourcing and contract lifecycle, complements web-based requisitions in order to minimize operational costs and identifies additional opportunities in saving through analytics tools.

CMC-DHCC has chosen Infor CloudSuite Human Capital Management Solution for its agility, ability to align talent with organization’s strategy, and the tools and technology that contribute in making well-calculated decisions about the workforce.

 These new solutions will run on Infor OS technology that include ION™, which facilitates loosely coupled integration of third-party software, and the Infor Ming.le™ user experience which incorporates analytics, alerts, business documents and supports user collaboration to boost efficiency and drive user productivity.